Alex Honnold to Climb Skyscraper on Live TV

Another production by Sender Films


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Noted free-soloist Alex Honnold will climb one of the world’s tallest buildings on live TV later this year, according to the National Geographic Channel. The network, which aired Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon last month, hasn’t revealed which building Honnold will tackle, citing safety reasons. However, National Geographic says that the 27-year-old will be the first to climb it, ruling out giants such as the Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101, and the Willis Tower.

The two-hour event will be produced by Peter Mortimer and Sender Films, the climbing film production company behind films like Honnold 3.0 and “Alone on the Wall,” about Honnold’s groundbreaking free solo of Half Dome.

“I’ve always loved climbing in all forms and this is an amazing opportunity to push my own climbing into interesting new terrain,” Honnold said in a statement. “I’ve admired the aesthetics of sky scrapers my whole life; it’s great to be able to climb one.”

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