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Another Fatal Shark Attack off Maui

Kayak fisherman dies from shark bite as the tally grows in Maui

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A fisherman died on Monday after a shark attack on the south shoreline of Maui. Patrick Briney, a 57 year-old from Stevenson, Washington, was reportedly fishing with artificial lures when a shark bit his leg, which was hanging over the edge of his kayak, according to reports from ABC News. The type of shark involved in still undetermined.

Briney’s partner, who was fishing in another kayak, used a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and called for help from nearby boats. Despite his partner’s efforts, Briney died prior to reaching the shore, according to Maui News.

This attack comes just three days after another shark bite along the same coastline, prompting officials to close the area until sometime later today.

Shark bite incidents are appearing at a higher frequency this year in Maui; eight attacks have been reported, contributing to 13 total incidents statewide. In August, a German woman lost her arm in a shark attack near southern Maui and died a week later, reports ABC News.

Authorities can’t explain the rise in shark incidents during the last 12 months but are conducting a two-year study in an effort to understand the movement of tiger sharks around Maui.

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