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Cuchares Ranches subdivision is on tumbleweed lockdown this week (Courtesy of KCNC )

Attack of the Tumbleweeds!

Colorado swarmed by shrubs

Tumbleweed Colorado OutsideOnline News

A tumbleweed invasion has hit much of southeastern Colorado. Recent high winds and drought conditions across most of the west have resulted in a nearly unmanageable flurry of tumbleweeds, blocking homes and burying neighborhoods.

“I don’t think [members of the homeowners association] understand the gravity of the situation,” explains Colorado Springs resident Melissa Walker. “It’s not just a few tumbleweeds. It really is a block full of tumbleweeds. We can’t drive. We can’t walk. We can’t get out of our homes. The fact that they’ve pretty much abandoned us at this point is really disheartening.”

People are using rakes and ATVs to move piles of tumbleweed away from their homes. While moving the giant balls of kindling a safe distance away, Coloradans are also hoping for another strong period of wind to help clean out the neighborhood. 

The tumbleweeds have hit the Cuchares Ranches subdivision near Colorado Springs the hardest, but developers knew this would be a possibility when building the neighborhood. 

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Courtesy of KCNC