Bacon Cafe Under Attack For Smelling Like Bacon

Fumes overwhelming neighbors


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A popular pork-centered restaurant in the San Francisco area is closing due to its overwhelming aroma of bacon and concerns over grease disposal.

Department of Public Health officials told the SF Examiner that the restaurant, Bacon Bacon, had months to resolve the concerns raised by neighbors but failed to do so. The announcement has led to a swell of online support for the cafe, including a petition with more than 1,600 signatures from Bay Area residents who want to keep Bacon Bacon open. 

A public hearing must be held before Bacon Bacon can reopen, but one may not be scheduled until July. In the meantime, neighbor has offered to install an air filter to reduce the overwhelming smell of bacon, but the “to date, the owner has not accepted that offer,” says Ryan Patterson, the attorney for the unnamed but upset neighbors.

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