BASE Jump World Record Claims Refuted

Red Bull had announced highest launch

Megan Stroup

On Wednesday, Red Bull erroneously claimed a new world record after their sponsored athlete Valery Rozov completed a wingsuit jump in the Indian Himalayas. The Russian BASE jumper led an expedition to climb Shivling mountain last month before jumping from 6,420 meters on May 25. Red Bull’s Wednesday press release claimed the jump had set a new world record for launch height. Guinness World Records recognizes a husband and wife’s jump from 6,604 meters on Mount Meru as the highest ever BASE jump. The couple said they were “miffed” by Red Bull’s claims. In response to the misstatement, Rozov told CNN he didn’t care whether or not he had acheived a world record. The online press release has since been removed and the Red Bull website now calls the feat “one of the most challenging BASE jumps ever performed.”

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