BASE Jumper Flies Through Rock Arch

Reaches 155 mph


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Professional wingsuit flyer and BASE jumper Alexander Polli took his stunts to a new level flying through a rock arch at speeds approaching 155 mph wearing only a wingsuit.

In a newly released video chronicling his flight, Polli jumps out of a helicopter, free-falls for around 20 seconds, and then threads his way through a narrow opening in a rock wall.

After sharing the footage on YouTube, Polli tweeted, “I live like this because I am aware I have only 1 life.”

The Italian-Norwegian athlete says he hopes his success will inspire people to “climb over their mountains, but also to fly right through them.” Polli became the first jumper to successfully strike a wingusit target in November 2012 and has previously flown through a waterfall and over his own mom, as detailed on his YouTube page.

The 27-year-old self-proclaimed “body flight professional” said he got the idea for the stunt while hiking with friends. 

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