Baumgartner Completes Test Jump

Hits 536 mph in 18-mile skydive

Adam Roy

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner safely completed a jump from more than 18 miles over southern New Mexico on Wednesday. Baumgartner reached speeds of about 536 miles per hour during the training jump for Stratos, a Red Bull-sponsored project with the aim of besting the world record for highest skydive. The current record, set by Air Force colonel Joe Kittinger in 1960, stands at 102,800 feet, or nearly 19.5 miles. Baumgartner’s team is now looking for a three-day weather window in August to make their final, 22-mile leap. The project is the latest of several extreme stunts for the Austrian, who has also flown across the English Channel on a carbon wing and BASE-jumped into a cave.

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