Bears Block Traffic in Grand Teton

Bear family has set up camp by the road


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A family of grizzly bears is holding up traffic in Grand Teton National Park, creating traffic jams that Park officials haven’t seen in 20 years. The bears—two mothers and five cubs—may be staying close to the road to avoid male bears, which sometimes eat cubs. Earlier this week, a crowd of park visitors accumulated to watch the family feed on an elk carcass. Mother bears are famously and extremely dangerous when their cubs are around, and the park is urging photographers and observers to remain at least 300 feet away. Grizzly populations are on the upswing in Grand Teton and Yellowstone after recent conservation efforts have boosted the population above 1,000. But bears and humans don’t always get along: in 2007, one of the now-road-friendly mother bears bit a hiker. And last year, a hunter cleaning a deer carcass shot and killed a bear that he says approached to within 40 feet.

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