The Cycle Life: 10 Best MTB Clips, Part 1


I've been having a hard time motivating to ride lately. Maybe it's because I've been logging too many hours on the trainer. Or perhaps it's that the spring winds are starting to strafe Santa Fe again, blasting away at my resolve as well. I use lots of ploys to beat these down times: new playlists, training games (e.g. pursuit with a buddy), or (for the trainer) obnoxiously rollicking flicks like Kick Ass.

But nothing gets me fired up for a ride faster than a clip of some badass bike handling set to an even badder-ass soundtrack. Here are five great videos to fuel the fire. Check back next week for my favorites.

10. A downhill race through the streets of  Valparaíso, Chile, shot from a helmet cam (Red Bull branded, of course). No music or this would be higher up the list.

9. Okay, he's not on a mountain bike, but that's what makes it—you try rock hopping on stiff carbon with high-pressure 23mm tires. A shame about the music though…

Go here for Part 2 and my top five picks.

–Aaron Gulley