Danny MacAskill: The Progression


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“It's been a funny one since becoming a so-called professional rider. I actually ride a lot less than I used to,” says trials phenom Danny MacAskill midway through this clip.

The quote sums up the new video: It's more about MacAskill's personality and background (oh, and lots of gratuitous product placements) than strictly about the riding. In that sense it's a bit disappointing compared to the past, trick-packed clips. Of course there's still plenty of ridiculous stunts, and it's nice to see a bit of the behind-the-scenes (hell of a place to flat!). It's also cool to see MacAskill branch out from trials riding to a mountain bike. But while MacAskill's clearly an affable chap, in the end people will probably just want to see more riding across chain link fences and lobbing off two story buildings.

More trickery may not be far off. As he rolls a ten-foot rock drop followed by a high-consequence log crossing, MacAskill says, “This year I'd like to see a big progression in my riding. I'm going to try to get a good set-up where I can learn some new tricks.” Practice up, Danny-boy.

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