The Danny MacAskill of Unicycling

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The truth is, 38-year-old unicyclist Kris Holm has been around longer than video bike sensation Danny MacAskill. His videos piled up YouTube hits before the Scottish biker's first short went live. Holm pulls off some seriously impressive tricks in this latest video for, ahem, Mercedes-Benz. He rides down a stump, across the top of a metal park bench, and over some gnarled singletrack. Much of that action plays in beautiful slow motion shots, but Holm isn't afraid to show the non-graceful elements of his sport. There's a montage of awkward spills. 

“If you're not falling, you're probably not trying,” says Holm.

To see more highlights from the master of one-wheeled balance, just do a quick search of his name on YouTube. We'll get you started with the highlight video below—you should watch it all the way through. If that means turning down the music, so be it.

–Joe Spring

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