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Four Pro Mountain Bikers Take On Virgin, Utah

Last fall, we followed some of the sport's best riders as they explored a freeride Mecca with the help of eMTBs


Few sports have evolved as radically or as quickly as mountain biking. Just a few short decades ago, garage-modified beach cruisers with no suspension, one gear, and questionable brakes were the state of the art. Today, carbon-fiber frames sporting six-plus inches of rock-eating suspension are the norm. Not surprisingly, the terrain that’s deemed rideable has changed dramatically along with improving equipment. 

Nowhere is that more evident than on the towering mesas surrounding Virgin, Utah—the birthplace of freeride mountain biking and home to the sport’s most extreme competitions. But, thanks again to new technology—in this case, pedal-assist e-mountain bikes—there’s a new way to explore Virgin’s iconic terrain. Last fall, we joined four pro riders—Lindsey Richter, Michelle Parker, Katie Holden, and Samantha Soriano—to see how eMTBs are transforming the sport.

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