Mountain Biker Versus Hartebeest


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You hear stories of mountain bikers' close calls with wildlife—like the mountain lion that leapt on some poor schmuck's back from high ground or the mother bear that chased off a hapless rider when he startled her cubs—but I've always written them off as urban legend. I figure that any critters I happen on will be fast headed the other direction. Case in point: a few weeks ago, while racing the Vapor Trail 125 outside of Salida, Colorado, I sent a black bear scuttling for cover when I came hurtling down the trail late in the night. And last weekend on the Coconino 250, I startled an elk with a giant rack into a dead run on the flanks of Bill Williams mountain. Animals want as little to do with us as we want to do with them, I've always said—until I saw this video. I think I'll watch the woods a bit more closely from now on.

–Aaron Gulley 

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