Newest Uncool Way to Travel: Self-Balancing Unicyle 2.0

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Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Focus Designs has unveiled the 2.0 version of their Self-Balancing Unicycle (SBU), Wired reports. Meanwhile, Segway users the world over rejoice at no longer being the least awesome travelers on the block.

Essentially a one-wheeled Segway, the SBU 2.0 puts out 1000 watts of power and sports three gyroscopes for smooth turns. The battery has about a 12-mile range and enough juice for the SBU to top out at 10 mph, though the average speed seems to be a slow jogging pace.  

The SBU 2.0 boasts improvements over earlier models, such as an internal hub motor that requires no maintenance and regenerative braking that recaptures energy on downhills and stops. But it's hard to imagine having a lot of fun on the SBU after the initial novelty wears off. And it's easy to imagine attracting confused stares and snickers at the awkward riding position. The video says it all. Hell, I'd try it.

–Nick Davidson

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