The ‘Normal Life’ of Bradley Wiggins


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The more we hear from Bradley Wiggins, the more we like him. At a press conference following his historic gold medal in the Olympic time trial yesterday, the 32-year-old Brit downplayed his achievements and vowed that newfound notoriety won't go to his head.

Since July, the 32-year-old cyclist has become the first Briton to ever win the Tour de France and the most decorated British Olympic athlete in history, with four gold medals, one silver, and two bronze medals since he began competing in the 2000 Sydney Games. Thanks to those achievements, Wiggins' face has been splashed across the front pages of his country's biggest newspapers, but he says he's determined that those successes don't change him. “I am going to try and continue as things were,” Wiggins said in a press conference after his historic gold medal. “I mean, I lead a pretty normal life like most people. I train hard, I work hard at what I do. Ultimately I am very normal in my life aside from cycling.”

We're not certain about the “normal” part, but we dig the humility. Listen in on his post-race comments to hear how he thinks he compares to two other decorated British athletes (not their equal), how he plans to spend his post-Olympics (fetching milk), and what he thinks of celebrity culture (not a fan). Thanks for keeping it real, Bradley.

—Aaron Gulley