Sign of the Rapture: Hincapie Accuses Armstrong

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Today's reports that George Hincapie has flipped on Lance Armstrong don't bode well for the seven-time Tour de France winner (and frequent Outside cover subject). Unlike previous Armstrong accusers Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis, Hincapie didn't go public with his accusations—he reportedly told federal investigators, not a TV or newspaper reporter, that he witnessed Armstrong use performance-enhancing drugs. And unlike Hamilton and Landis—both of whom were suspected of doping long before they came clean— Hincapie has a sterling reputation, no ax to grind, and no feasible way to profit from accusing Lance. Hincapie and Armstrong were best friends. This is akin to Andy Pettite testifying against Roger Clemens, Kathy Hoskins testifying against Barry Bonds. So, how will Armstrong respond? An hour ago, he tweeted that he was going to meet with the Nike Livestrong team. The dam may be breached. —ABE STREEP


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