The Spoke Word: Armstrong responds, then crashes out of ToC

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I'm growing increasingly bummed that I won't be at the Tour of California until tomorrow. A day too late on several levels. There are a lot of stories on the ground there today, starting with Floyd Landis' doping admission and subsequent finger pointing at Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie, Johan Bruyneel, Levi Leipheimer, and current race leader Dave Zabriskie.

Then, not long after issuing a statement about the Landis allegations and answering reporters questions, Armstrong went down in a huge pileup just a few minutes into the start of today's stage. He got back up and rode for about five more minutes, with blood running down his face, then dropped out of the race and headed to the hospital for X-rays.

Bad day for cycling, bad day for Armstrong's Tour de France prep, and a bad day to be reporting on all this from afar.

—John Bradley

Twitter: @johnwbradley

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