Video: Car Runs Over Demonstrating Cyclists


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On the last friday of every month, cyclists in Porto Alegre, Brazil get on their bikes to raise awareness for bike commuters in a city dominated by cars. At their most recent Critical Mass demonstration, a car decided to plow through the riders. The video above is fairly graphic, so don't watch it if you don't want to see an intense hit and run. reported that no one was killed, but several people were sent to the hospital. After the event, the driver exited the Black VW Golf and ran away. For more on what happened, visit this report from

What makes normally sane drivers go mad when they see a cyclist? It's a topic we tackle in our March Feature, Rage Against Your Machine.

What do you think the driver in this event should be charged with?

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The driver of the car that hit the cyclists said that he acted in self-defense. Ricardo José Neis turned himself into police, and through his lawyer, said that he ran through the cyclists to protect himself and his 15-year-old son. The lawyer said the cyclists banged on Neis' car and he took off. He said that the video evidence posted on YouTube is incomplete.

You can read more in this translation of an article from Zero Hora.

What do you think about the lawyer's response?

–Joe Spring