Outside’s favorite places to ride
Outside’s favorite places to ride (photo: Will Egensteiner)

Our Favorite Places to Test Bikes

A subjective look at where we prefer to shred

Outside’s favorite places to ride

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Each year we head to a cycling mecca to test dozens of road and mountain bikes in search of the best new models. And we're pretty picky: the location needs to have the whole range of world-class riding, from smooth climbs and descents on pavement to flowy and technical trails. Luckily, Grand Junction, Colorado, and Tucson, Arizona, haven't left us wanting.

2019: Grand Junction

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For 2019, we spent more than a week in Grand Junction, and every ride—on roads, gravel, and trails—elicited rave reviews from our testing crew.

2018: Tucson

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The previous winter, we landed in Tucson and spent two weeks whipping around in the desert. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the gear, riders, and whiskey that play a part in the test.

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