Bikram Yoga Sues Yoga to the People

Choudhury alleges copyright infringement


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Bikram Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury, known for his hot yoga method, has filed a $1-million copyright-infrigment lawsuit against Yoga to the People. Choudhury says that Yoga to the People’s “Traditional Hot Yoga” class infringes on patented Bikram techniques. Choudhury sent an undercover investigator to Yoga to the People’s $8-per-session class, and claims it mimics Bikram’s $25-per-session class. Choudhury has copyrighted a 26-posture sequence, including the instructor’s dialogue. but Yoga to the People founder Greg Gumucio rejects the allegations. “I have never agreed with Bikram and his idea that he owned the yoga,” he says.

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