Black Bear Breaks into Knoxville Zoo

Motives unknown


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In yet another chapter of America’s ongoing animal uprising, Tennessee authorities are on the lookout for a black bear that attempted to break into the Knoxville Zoo Monday night. The bear’s motives remain unknown.

The fugitive, now known as “The Bear,” was sighted by a zoo ranger scaling a 10-foot-tall chain link fence to gain entry to the facility. A count was taken of the zoo’s captive bears and it was determined none were missing, at which point officials began to search the zoo’s interior for the intruder. They came up empty handed.

Zoo spokeswoman Tina Rolen told KnoxNews in an interview that the bear likely escaped shortly after it made it inside. However, what the bear did in that short time, and whether the break-in was part of a larger plot, is still a mystery.

While no formal charges have been filed against the bear, authorities are keen to track it down before it strikes again. “We are also concerned about the welfare of our wandering bear,” said Rolin. “Who hopefully has made his way to a more rural area.”

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