Boar, Fox Help Kangaroos Escape Zoo

Ultimately tackled by German policewoman

Ryan O'Hanlon

What does it take for three kangaroos to escape from a German zoo? A fox and a wild boar, apparently. Three kangaroos—Jack, Mick, and Skippy—escaped from Rheinböllen Wildlife Park in western Germany last weekend. After a fox dug a hole under the surrounding fence, the kangaroos fled their enclosure. Two of them then escaped through the park’s larger surrounding fence through a hole made by a wild boar. The kangaroos made it about nine miles before they were caught and brought back to the park. “A very fit policewoman hurled herself onto the kangaroo,” said Michael Hoffman, the zoo’s deputy manager. “We’ve got them all back now.” The final kangaroo, Mick, was caught late Monday. “It would cost too much to put a stronger fence up,” said Hoffman, unable to rule out further animals absconding.

Via Spiegel Online