Boris Johnson Gets Stuck on Zipline

London mayor and Olympic ringleader is okay

Ryan O'Hanlon

It’s not a day at the London Olympics without the city’s mayor, Boris Johnson, doing or saying something charmingly absurd. On its face, it is ridiculous for the mayor of a major city hosting the Olympics to get caught on a zipline at a rally during the Games—but less so when it’s Boris Johnson. And yes, that did happen. The “Mayor of the World,” which he basically is for the next few weeks, slid down a zipline—while wearing a hard hat, dressed in a suit, waving two Union Jack flags—at an event in Victoria Park in the East End of London earlier today, but the apparatus got stuck halfway down the line, and Johnson was left hanging, helplessly, 20 feet above the onlooking crowd. Thankfully, after a few minutes, he was pulled down the remainder of the line by the operating crew and brought back to ground safely.