Brit to Attempt First Winter South Pole Ski Crossing

Ranulph Fiennes hopes to beat Norwegians

Caty Enders

The British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes has announced his intention to become the first person to cross Antarctica on skis in winter. The 68-year-old veteran adventurer said he had once thought the expedition “impossible,” but, upon hearing that a Norwegian team was contemplating it, decided that he’d have to have a crack at it. Describing the South Pole crossing as a last bastion of true adventure, Fiennes said, “It is the last really big expedition in these days where everybody’s grandmother goes up Mount Everest at the weekend.” Fiennes will set out with a colleague in March 2013, supported by two bulldozers carrying 140 tons of supplies for the four-month journey. The two men will ski for an average of eight hours each day in 24-hour darkness and temperatures bottoming out at -70 degrees Celcius.

Via ExplorersWeb