Brits Row 450 Miles to Magnetic North Pole

Explorers first to reach pole by rowboat


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A six-man crew from Britain completes a 450-mile journey by water to the magnetic north pole late last week, becoming the world’s first-ever explorers to reach the pole in a rowboat. The crew left Canada on July 29 and rowed for 28 days. That the explorers used a rowboat is a clear indication of global warming’s power in the region: most explorers who have reached the magnetic north pole journeyed across ice. The expedition collected saline quality data and temperatures at varying depths along the route, which scientists at the National Oceanography Center in England will use to study climate change on the Arctic. Jock Wishart, the expedition’s leader and seasoned long-distance ocean rower, told The Independent that, besides encounters with polar bears, the toughest part of the journey was rowing in fog through moving ice. “[It] isn’t much fun,” he said.


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