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Outside magazine, July 1996


Sports by Calories
By Katie Arnold

Counting calories, we admit, is really Jenny Craig’s gig. But outdoor athletes might take note–to make sure they’re getting enough fuel for their pursuits. “You shouldn’t get hung up on numbers,” says Nancy Clark, director of nutrition services at Sports Medicine Brookline in Brookline, Massachusetts. “But knowing how many calories are burned during different activities can
help guide your diet. Your body’s like a bank account. You need to balance your food intake with the intensity of the exercise.” If you’re heading for an hour of rowing, for example, you’ll need to take in nearly three times the calories that you would for an hour of sea kayaking. Here’s a look at the energy consumed by some favorite summer pursuits, in calories per hour.

Rowing (at a vigorous rate): 1,080
Running (seven-min.-mile pace): 980
Mountain biking: 800
Swimming (freestyle): 770
Rock climbing: 770
Cycling (16 mph.): 700
Backpacking (40-pound pack): 630
In-line skating: 570
Surfing (including paddling): 565
Horseback riding (trot): 455
Hiking: 420
Fly-fishing: 420
Sea kayaking: 350
Whitewater rafting: 350
Snorkeling: 350
Skydiving: 245
Sailing (dinghy): 210
Lying in a hammock reading a book: 70
Lying in a hammock, period: 63

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