Camera Leads Rangers To Tiger Poachers

After documenting kill, hunters lose camera


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Two tiger poachers were arrested after Thai conservation authorities discovered a camera phone documenting one of their illegal kills. The phone was dropped in a firefight with Thai park rangers and showed photos of the men posing with the carcass of a recently killed tiger. Authorities identified the tiger,  tracked down the poachers, and arrested two of the three believed responsible. With the camera, the poachers also left behind supplies, including an insecticide that is sometimes used to poison tigers. Enforcement agents in Thailand have recently ramped up pressure on tiger poachers, but not without conflict: The Wildlife Conservation Society believes a near-fatal shooting of a park ranger last week was in retaliation to recent arrests. The two men in custody are believed to have participated in the deaths of at least ten tigers. Tigers, the biggest cats in the world, are used in traditional medicine, and though widely protected their numbers are dwindling. Fewer than 2,500 adult tigers exist in the wild.

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