Canadian Police Arrest Maple Syrup Thieves

Stole $30 million in sweet, golden nectar


Canadian authorities say they have arrested three men in relation to a 10 million pound maple syrup heist executed in Quebec last summer. The theft of some 10,000 barrels of stockpiled syrup, part of the Federation of Maple Syrup Producers’ closely guarded “International Strategic Reserve,” sparked an international investigation leading to this week’s arrest.

The three will be charged with theft, conspiracy, fraud, and trafficking in stolen goods. Police have also seized the vehicles, scales, and industrial lifts suspected of being used in illicit syrup trafficking.

The loot, valued at $30 million, put a dent in the global supply, as Quebec produces 80 percent of the world’s maple syrup. Two-thirds of the syrup has been recovered and is currently under provincial police guard.

Via The Washington Post