Canadian Tourists Trapped on Ice Floe

Very slowly floating to their doom


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The Canadian military has been forced to intervene in the case of two dozen tourists trapped on an ice floe, which is very, very slowly drifting into the arctic. The adventurers were reportedly enjoying a pleasant holiday when they awoke Tuesday morning to find that the 30-mile ice slab had torn loose from Baffin Island and was gently, unhurriedly carrying them to their doom.

A supply drop was successfully delivered to the group, which includes both Canadian and foreign tourists. Rescue helicopters from Ellesmere Island are on their way as of Wednesday morning, but are probably in no particular hurry. A group of hunters was also stranded, but were able to make it back to land when their chunk drifted close enough to shore.

The tour operator, Arctic Kingdom, released a statement on its website Tuesday saying that, “There are no injuries, the camp is still intact, and the travellers are in good spirits.”

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