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Molson may have to refill the fridge once or twice during the Games (Courtesy of Molson Coors)

Canadians Get Free Beer in Sochi

Passport unlocks Molson fridge

News Outside Online

Befriend the nearest Canadian and look for the cherry red fridge! In its latest marketing stunt, Molson Canadian has installed a locked fridge filled with beer on the streets of Sochi. The key? Insert any legitimate Canadian passport.

After the machine scans and verifies the passport, the fridge door opens to shelves of ice-cold Molson. Take as many you like, share with whomever, and keep coming back.

Molson hopes the fridge, and the beer, encourages people to seek out and meet Canadians all around the world. The attraction has been placed in several locations around Europe, including Canterbury, the White Cliffs of Dover, London, and several others.

“Here’s to being proud of where you’re from,” reads the campaign tagline.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021
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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Molson Coors