Cannibals Arrested for Murder, Penis Soup

Uh, what?

Ryan O'Hanlon

Officials in Papua New Guinea have arrested 29 members of a supposed cannibal cult for killing seven witch doctors, eating their raw brains, and using their penises to make soup, according to a Friday police report. The individuals, who appeared in court this week, are said to be part of a 1,000-strong coalition that hunts errant sorcerers who overcharge their customers. Belief in black magic is strong in PNG, where many seek the help of profiteering medicine men. Witch doctors in the region typically charge 1,000 kina ($472), a pig, and a bag of rice, but some witch doctors have begun to demand sex in addition to the standard pig-cash-rice fee. “That was the main cause of frustration that led to the forming of a group to hunt down sorcerers,” said a local cult leader. “Over time, as suspects were released to carry on as sorcerers, we got tired and fed up.” Police, who raided the village of Biamb and made the arrests last week, have urged the other members to surrender.

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