Chevron Ordered to Pay $18 Billion

Company responsible for Amazon pollution


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On Monday, a New York appeals court reversed a ruling that had kept Chevron from paying a massive settlement to Ecuadorians affected by pollution from oil extraction projects in the Amazon. In February, a court in Ecuador awarded a group of 30,000 Ecuadorans $18.2 billion as restitution for toxic waste dumped by Texaco in the 1970s and 1980s. Chevron purchased Texaco in 2001. The company maintains that evidence of pollution was fabricated, and filed a lawsuit against the plaintiffs in a New York Court. That case led a New York judge to halt the $18-billion order in March. But on Friday, the New York appeals court questioned whether the American judge who had ordered the injunction has authority in the case, which fall under Ecuadorian jurisdiction. The injunction was officially removed on Monday.

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