Climber Cited for Abandoning Partner

In disagreement over rescue, man took rope


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The National Park Service cited a Montana climber for disorderly conduct after abandoning his partner on Grand Teton in August, the service announced yesterday. Dave Shade and Jesse Selwyn set out on August 19 to climb the Black Ice Couloir on the northwest side of the Grand Teton, but wandered off route and ended up on a face known as the Grandstand. Fearing injury or death should he try to retreat, Selwyn called for a rescue with his SPOT device. Shade told his partner that he didn’t feel he needed to be rescued, and, after a Teton Interagency helicopter arrived, took his partner’s only rope and began to rappel down the mountain. Rangers successfully evacuated Selwyn by short-haul. In a press release, the NPS said that they ticketed Shade because he abandoned his partner before confirming that rangers would rescue him. The charge carries a $110 fine.

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