Climber’s 330-Foot Fall Caught on Video

Man survives with minor injuries

Adam Roy

Ever wondered what it would be like to fall off a mountain? Now you have some idea, courtesy of a British ice climber whose 330-foot fall was captured by his helmet camera. Mark Roberts, 47, was climbing Parsley Fern Gulley, an easy route on one of Wales’ highest mountains, late last month when a falling chunk of ice knocked him off his stance and sent him sliding down the mountain.

Roberts finally came to a stop when his pack and crampons caught on a ledge. “I was a little dazed and knew there was some damage to my ankles, which were fairly painful if they were moved,” he told the BBC. A mountain rescue team, which was training nearby, quickly reached Roberts, and he was soon flown out by Royal Air Force helicopter.

It’s hard to believe it after watching this, but he got away with just a broken ankle.