An Ode to Climbing Mentors

'The Mentor' chronicles climber Marcus Garcia’s relationship with climbing legend, Jimmy Ray Forester

Nov 14, 2019

When the Rescuer Becomes the Rescued

What happens when you find yourself on El Cap with a badly injured partner? Former Yosemite Search and Rescue (YOSAR) worker Josie McKee and climber Quinn Brett found out.

Josie McKee
Nov 5, 2019

How to Be a Better Mentee

Looking for an outdoor mentor? So is everyone else. Here's how to make yourself a little more competitive.

Corey Buhay
Nov 1, 2019

Why Climbing Is Such a Mental Sport

'Speak to Me Softly,' from filmmaker Henna Taylor and Outdoor Research, tracks Jenny Abegg on a challenging pitch on Moonlight Buttress

Oct 14, 2019