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Ashima’s Favorite Gear

What arguably the best climber in the world relies on to keep her safe, warm, and moving free


1. The North Face Apex gloves

“Since my hands get numb very easily, I rely on these gloves to keep my hands warm before I attempt to send a route.”

2. The North Face Kaban backpack

“This sleek backpack fits all of the climbing gear I need and conveniently has a USB charger inside of it.”

3. Petzl Saka chalk bag

“A light and durable chalk bag is perfect for hard sends on sport routes and long boulders.”

4. Evolv Ashima climbing shoes

“I’ve been wearing these shoes for a long time and are great for climbing outdoors and in the gym.”

5. Petzl Hirundos harness

“I always bring this harness to all of my trips because it’s light and very comfortable.”

6. Ashima’s “famous” home-made pants (hand-sewn by mom)

“The pants that I always wear on the wall are made by my mom using the sewing machine in my house. I love wearing these pants because they are comfortable and fashionable.”

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