Blogging Up El Cap

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As climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson continue their push to free the long-standing Dawn Wall/Mescalito project on El Capitan this week, anyone with an internet connection has the opportunity to follow climbing history in the making. Since the pair began their attempt on November 13, Jorgeson has been tweeting pitch-by-pitch updates via his iPhone. In just three days, he's already posted twenty-some tweets, ranging from dramatic (“Gotta shake these nerves and relax!”) to goofy (“Instant coffee powder+mouth+water+swig=psyche”).

While Tommy Caldwell has mostly stayed quiet, his wife Rebecca Caldwell is also blogging about the partners' progress. She has also posted a handful of photos on the couple's website, Life with the Caldwells.

Tommy Caldwell first began working on freeing the Dawn Wall in 2007. Jorgeson joined the attempt last fall, but early-season snow forced the partners to retreat from El Cap before they could link up the route. 

Jorgeson and Caldwell's push could take as long as two weeks. We'll continue to post updates as the story develops.

–Adam Roy

Video credit: Chris McNamara

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