Climbing the Hardest Bouldering Problem in the World, Again


Carlo Traversi on Saturday made the second ascent of The Game, a proposed V16 put up by Daniel Woods last year in Boulder, Colo., and heralded as possibly the hardest bouldering problem in the world.

About a dozen people were present to watch Traversi send the climb, a steep, powerful eight-move problem in Boulder Canyon. Traversi had previously spent a total of five days working the problem, and he climbed it via a sequence similar to Woods'. Afterwards, Traversi said The Game was “by far the hardest thing that I’ve ever climbed.”

“Huge props to Daniel for having the vision for the first ascent,” wrote Traversi.  “Trust me, I can’t say enough good things about that kid.  Always positive, always nice, and by far the strongest human on rock.”

One subject that will probably continue to inspire controversy is the problem's grade. While Woods initially proposed V16 for the problem, Traversi downgraded it to V15. On his blog, he wrote about the reasons behind his decision.

“This boulder fit my style very well. It could be 8C+. It could be 8C. I’ve never climbed either grade, so I can’t compare,” he said. This is definitely not meant to reflect badly on Daniel’s decision of giving it 8C+. He has far more experience than me and who knows, down the road, he might be more correct about the grade than me. The important thing is that we have both given our honest opinions based on our prior experiences.”

Check below for video of Traversi's send.

Adam Roy