Video of the First Ascent of Mount Rainer in 1922

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Here's a cool video we picked up from The Goat blog. It documents the first winter ascent of Mount Rainier in 1922 by Jean and Jacques Landry, Jacques Bergues, and news cameraman Charles Perryman. When ski mountaineering historian Lowell Skoog found out about the film in 2003, he set off on an 8-year quest to acquire it for The Mountaineers. You can watch the footage at Why would Skoog commit himself to such a task? His bio at gives more than a few clues.

Mainly, he's passionate about the history of ski mountaineering—so much so that he plans to write the definitive book on the topic. He's doing this to repay the love of the outdoors and appreciation for history that his father instilled in him. Luckily for us, he's all about sharing.

To find out more about the climb, click on the links in the first line of the spreadsheet at Or, just get lost in the massive ski-mountaineering history Skoog has assembled here. It's impressive. And if you feel like thanking him for all of his effort, there's a contact link at the bottom of his bio page.

–Joe Spring

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