Youngest On Everest: Advanced Base Camp


Team Jordan reached advanced base camp yesterday, according to the Team's Facebook page. The team reached 21,000 feet and experienced sub-zero temperatures and 37 mph winds. Jordan experienced a slight headache at that altitude, but the team believed it would “go away after dinner fo sho.”

In addition to posting a new phlog (above), Team Jordan gave what may be a hint at their expected summit date. The team's blog is offering a travel package ($2,950) that would allow interested parties to join them on Everest. The package says guests would stay with the team at advanced base camp on May 21 and 22, which suggests 13-year-old Jordan could make his push to claim the Youngest on Everest title in about a month.

For more on Jordan and his quest, check out Bruce Barcott's April profile in Outside.

— Jonah Ogles