Youngest on Everest: Summit Push Begins

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Everest's north face (photo by Carsten.nebel, used under CC 3.0)

Team Jordan left advanced base camp around 3 p.m. China time (3 a.m. EST) for Camp 1 and the North Col. The team's live map shows they have reached that destination. According to Jordan's Facebook page, Jordan and crew are aiming for a May 22 summit. 

Going through Romero phlog withdrawal? Be sure to visit the team's blog. The most recent post shows  predicted weather for the coming week. In looking at the chart, there's a noticeable change the night of May 21  – winds will drop from around 70 mph to 13 mph. Jordan's summit will still be far from easy. Best of luck to him and the rest of the team.

Fore more on Jordan Romero, the 13-year-old attempting to become the youngest person to summit Everest and the Seven Summits, check out our April profile.

— Jonah Ogles

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