Youngest on Everest: Within Sight


Jordan Romero got his first glance at Mount Everest from Tingri, Tibet – just a six hour drive from north side base camp, according to the team's Facebook page.They will rest for another day in Tingri before making the drive. The team's blog says they are using the next day to rest and continue working with their team of Sherpas: Dawa, Ang Pasang, Kharma, and Kumar. 

You can keep up with Jordan's exact location on his Spot Messenger map (it seems to be about two days behind- but zoom out three times, and you'll see Tingri). 13-year-old Jordan is attempting to become the youngest person to summit Everest, which will help him in his goal of being the youngest to reach the Seven Summits. For more on Jordan, check out our April profile.

— Jonah Ogles