Colorado Skiers Killed in Parking Lot Accident

Struck by an errant SUV


Two skiers were killed on Saturday in the parking lot of a popular Colorado ski and snowshoe trail by an errant SUV. According to State Patrol, the SUV was traveling along Highway 65 when it swerved to avoid another vehicle making a turn. The SUV lost control and veered into the parking area of County Line Winter Trailhead near Grand Mesa and struck an elderly couple in their seventies. Both victims died at the scene. A local resident, Jim Forbes, said a number of bystanders attempted to resuscitate the victims. “There was a guy there who said he was a doctor, and another who was some kind of medical staffer,” he told reporters. “By that point, they had kind of taken a back seat because they knew we were working on dead people.” There were no other injuries.

Via The Daily Sentinel