Coming Soon: Instant Backcountry Beer

Alaskan company to release beverage mixes

Ryan O'Hanlon

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Soon you’ll be able to purchase condensed and powdered beer and soda for your next multi-day expedition into the wilds. Pat’s Backcountry Beverages, an Alaska-based company, is launching a line of concentrated-liquid beers and sodas that are designed to lighten your load. All that’s required is a special bottle, which has a built-in pump to pressurize the contents, a tiny pouch filled with the beer or soda, carbonate, and some water. You put the carbonate into a cup attached to the bottle’s cap, pour the water and the concentrated beer/soda into the bottle, shake, and then drink your suddenly-created carbonated beverage of choice. The sodas, which include root beer, ginger ale, and lemon lime flavors, are set to launch at the end of August, while the beers should be released in early 2013. No word yet as to how they stack up against their preassembled peers.

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