Company Runs Alligator Pool Parties

Yes, this is real

Ryan O'Hanlon

If trampolines are no longer a safe source of enjoyment, how will our children continue to have fun? They will swim with alligators, that’s how. For $175, Bob Barrett, who runs the Madeira, Florida-based company Alligator Attractions, will bring an alligator to your kid’s next pool party—and he’ll put it in your pool, with your children, and let them all swim around together like human-gator water-fraternization is totally normal. “If you’re nine, 10 or 11 years old, you’ve already had the ‘jumparoo’ house, the bounce house, you’ve had the pizza party, you’ve had the clown party,” said Barrett. “You get to have a pool party with a gator. It’s a very popular party.” Barrett tapes the mouths of his gators shut, and, he maintains, this is completely safe because the muscles alligators use to open their mouths are extremely weak. “It appears as though this gentleman has a permit to exhibit,” said a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comission, “so it doesn’t look like it’s anything illegal.”

Via Daily News