Contador Yes to Tour; WADA Rule Change?

The Spanish rider has IOC-head Rogge's approval, but he's not out of the woods yet.


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Contador won the Giro de Italia in May but only announced his entry into the 2011 Tour de France on Saturday. After winning the 2010 Tour, Contador tested positive for the banned hormone clenbuterol, but in January, UCI, the international cycling body, cleared Contador to compete. The World Anti-Doping Agency appealed that ruling, but it leaves Contador free to compete until a hearing at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in August. International Olympic Committee Jaques Rogge said Tuesday that he has “no problem” with Contador’s decision to race in June and July. “I agree that it will cast a question mark on the validity of the result until the verdict is rendered..but there is a presumption of innocence,” Rogge said. Meanwhile, WADA is thinking about introducing a benchmark by which to measure clenbuterol in athlete’s bodies.

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