Controversial UCI Rule Postponed

Would have barred unsanctioned races


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Following an angry backlash to regulations that would have banned UCI license-holders from participating in unsanctioned events, the governing body has suspended the rule for the rest of this season. But the UCI stated that it would like to reintroduce the rule next season.

The rule would have essentially banned any races falling outside of the UCI’s or USA Cycling’s global and national events. This would have hurt many riders, including professionals, who compete in unsanctioned races year-round and depend on these events for training and part of their income. 

The UCI defended the rule as protecting the work and resources that go into their events. But Jonathan Page, a veteran of European and American cycling, says power and money are more likely motives. “I hate to see anything take away from cycling,” he says. “It’s already such a small community.”

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