Cougar Killed After Attack on Girl

In Canada, father fights off cat


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Conservation officers in Canada killed a 79-pound cougar on Tuesday after it attacked a six-year-old girl in Alberta over the weekend. The girl was hiking with her near family Barrier Lake in Bow Valley Provincial Park on Sunday when the cougar, a young male, leaped at her from a tree. Her father screamed at the cat and threw a water bottle at it, chasing it away before the girl was seriously injured. Conservation officials, who learned of the attack on Monday, evacuated the area and began searching for the cat with hunting dogs, locating it Tuesday. “It’s attacked a human. It would do it again,” Glenn Naylor, a district conservation officer, told CBC News. “That age group tends to be responsible for a lot of the attacks on humans in North America and we just can’t risk for that to happen again.” Wildlife officials killed a cougar in July believed to be this animal’s sister after it attacked a dog and cornered three cyclists. Officials speculate that the pair’s mother had died, leaving the animals hungry and unable to hunt.

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