(Jed Selby)

Crazy Ed Takes the Plunge


Ed Lucero became the owner of a new world record for the highest plunge in a kayak last summer when he dropped over Canada’s 105.6-foot Alexandra Falls. He was held under the thundering flow a full four seconds before emerging safe and sound, and dethroning record holder Tim Gross, who cleared a 101-footer in 2002. Watch Lucero’s death-defying plummet in this video clip, and pick up a January 2004 issue to read the exclusive interview, in which we ask questions like: Hey, Ed, have you completely lost your mind?

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Check out more footage of Ed running Alexandra, and lots of other cutting-edge paddling on the Epicocity Project´s upcoming video, Bigger Than Rodeo. The video´s due in kayak shops and outdoor stores in May, but for now, you can view lots of great kayaking clips at

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Jed Selby