Curious Brown Bear Freed From Jar

Head stuck for 11 days


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In a saga seemingly taken from the works of A.A. Milne, residents of a small Pennsylvania town were able to rescue a bear that had had its head stuck in a jar for at least 11 days. The 100-pound, jar-headed brown bear was first spotted on June 3, but eluded the game wardens attempting to free him from his glass prison.

The bear was finally rescued by a group of four residents who spotted the bear while leaving the Jamison City Hotel in the town of Benton. After a short chase through a local resident’s back yard, the impromptu rescuers were able to get a grip on the jar and pull it from the bewildered creature’s head using a rope.

Rescuers now believe it was the jar’s former contents, cooking oil, which drew the bear into its potentially deadly trap. “He put his head in, and had a problem,” said Mike Jurbala, one of the heroes of the rescue. “He’d have died in a couple more days.”

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